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What Makes Group of People .. a Greate TEAM..!


Leader or Boss or teammate?

It always surprised me how some people always say yes to boss even if they know their boss is wrong. No one stands to say NO, when needed.  Today I got the reason, well explained and got touched by emotions connected to it…!!!

You are kind enough to hear us, keeps patience with us when we say something, and correct us only after when we say our part, rather interrupting us or taunting us…that’s what makes us feel confident to say you No when you are wrong Sir…!!! “ these few lines flashed back my till date life as employee…and explained everything  !! May be that was the reason people don’t share their view, as they are afraid of their leaders / boss who taunts them rather than listening them.

Today if I have been rude or arrogant or impatient with my collogues and those who work for me, I would have lost the best idea…. a best solution that was haunting me for days, on project. Today life taught me one more lesson to be fair to everyone. Because ripple of kindness come back at you with more bigger happiness and

Thanks guys, for teaching me a fair lesson. Thanks for being friends than being a Boss and Employee relation.